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Welcome to the gateway of seamless freight forwarding – Elliptia. Are you ready to revolutionize the way you manage your operations? Schedule a demo today and witness firsthand how Elliptia’s ERP software is reshaping the future of freight forwarding.

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Elliptia is all about simplicity. Imagine a platform where complex processes are simplified, and your team operates with unmatched ease. See how our user-friendly interface streamlines every task, reducing the learning curve and ensuring efficiency from day one.

Time is money, and every freight forwarder understands the importance of swift workflows. With Elliptia, experience a significant reduction in errors and a substantial boost in efficiency. Our intelligent design prevents costly mistakes, giving you the confidence that your operations are error-free.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, Elliptia adapts to your needs. Discover how our ERP solution caters to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable features that grow with you.

 Elliptia is your global solution with a local touch. Manage multiple branches independently, each with its unique settings. Customize language, currency, and taxation based on local requirements, giving you global control with local precision.

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How Elliptia Helps in Every Aspect of Freight Forwarding?

From direct and consolidation exports to cloning and reusing shipments, witness how Elliptia simplifies the entire process. Print AWBs, B/Ls, labels, and manifests with just a click.

Handle direct and consolidation imports effortlessly. Experience the one-click import feature for shipments arriving from other branches and print delivery notes for smooth import processes.

Say goodbye to redundant data entry. Learn how Elliptia allows you to convert approved quotes to shipments seamlessly

Create invoices, credit notes, and cancellations effortlessly. Log costs and raise invoices in multiple currencies. Explore how Elliptia integrates seamlessly with your preferred accounting platform.

Manage customers, contacts, agents, and partners effortlessly. Categorize contacts based on their roles, ensuring streamlined communication.

Digitally submit AWB information using Cargo-IMP and Cargo-XML. Receive automatic status updates on shipments. Simplify customs clearing with our web-based interface.

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Don't miss the chance to revolutionize your freight forwarding operations. Schedule a demo today and embark on a journey where simplicity, speed, and support redefine your success.

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